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Icon Meanings
Show Video Thumbnail - Clicking this will regenerate the video thumbnail if available.
Close Video Thumbnail - Clicking this will close the video thumbnail.
Trash User and Close Video Thumbnail - Clicking this will make it to where you will no longer see the user in the results. At the same time it also closes the video thumbnail for your convenience. Trashed Users will show up again if you leave the site for too long (the cookie expires).
Information Page Link - This will take you to a page with more stats and comments on that user.
This weird looking series of vertical lines will allow you to see how many viewers the user has had recently as a percentage of the most viewers they have had recently. This makes it easy to see if the stream has had an increase or decrease in popularity. If you put your mouse over a line you should be able to see the exact number of viewers each line represents.
Rate a Stream Thumbs Up if you like it, or thumbs down if you don't.


4HDS tracks the number of viewers a web stream has on various networks and displays them here so you can watch what everybody else is.


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