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WHATS IT gonna take to get get fotka results comming up as live streams vs. snapshots? that was thed one feature of this site that made it stand out from all the rest..... i dont even come here anymore cause it doesnt offer much that i cant already find on a particular site im veiwing live streams from... even stickam didnt offer multiple live streams like this site did,,,   

can we make this happen?

03:04pm April 3rd, 2013

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Short answer, we can make this happen.

Long answer, Fotka does not allow a stream to viewed if you are not also in the chat room. Either this site has to work a deal with Fotka to allow embedding just the video, or we have to come up with a way to connect you to the chat and then the video.

This site does not have much to offer right now because there are not a lot of websites for streaming video anymore. All of the big names have been closing shop. It is very demanding both financially and legally to run a webcam streaming website.

I do have plans to open my own webcam chat site specifically for music though. You'll be able to chat with bands and fans if that's your kind of thing.

As always I am open to suggestions.
11:30pm April 4th, 2013

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Some work on multiple streams will be done tomorrow to start achieving this goal.
02:24pm April 6th, 2013


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Any luck on beeing able to do multiple streams for fotka? 

cool thanks!

06:14pm April 30th, 2013



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